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Alkimya: Memories of The Last Alchemist

      Alkimya is a top-down Action-Adventure game based on Alchemy that allows players to customize their own potion formulas, creating bombs, tonics and sword oils. Thus, it’s possible to solve challenging puzzles, defeat fearsome enemies and even manipulate the environment, to explore and discover the secrets of a vibrant fantasy world, home of science, homunculi and chimeras. 

      Try many recipes. How about an ice potion that burns enemies? Use the potions in many ways, such as throwing a lava bomb to evaporate the water from a lake and explore its bottom. Alkimya also has RPG elements, such as crafting, skills and quests, and it’s possible to play with someone on the local Co-Op mode.


      Alkimya takes place in a land that once was the cradle of Alchemy, but now it’s in ruins. Test subjects from decades of experiments have escaped and made the region their lair. Mya is a young woman who wakes up in a field, confused and with no memories, but some alchemy knowledge. She starts the journey to survive and recover her identity, helped by a mysterious homunculus. Together, they will explore the land of Isur, abandoned home of brilliant alchemists, facing mortal danger in an adventure that will test their friendship and self-knowledge.


- Make your own potions: 

      Combine Air and Fire to create Lightning or change flasks to transform an explosion into a barrier. More than 75 effects to customize!;

- Deeply interactive environment: 

      Burn! Freeze! Electrify! Through alchemy, you can transform the surroundings and solve puzzles. Raise the water level of a lake! Use the wind to move objects!;

-  Crafting and Customization: 

      Choose the kind of Alchemist you want to be through the Skill system and improve stats Crafting new pieces of armor! Affect the world through your Choices!;

- Couch Co-op: 

      Join the main story as a flying homunculus to help in combat, solve puzzles and collect resources;

- Challenging RPG combat: 

      Don’t just fight hard, think hard! Use the elements to discover enemy weaknesses and resistance;

- Vibrant fantasy world: 

       Explore many different regions, such as a homunculi factory in a volcano and meet new creatures!

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Bad Minions

Indie game studio founded in 2012 and based in Brasilia, Brazil. Bad Minions focuses on engaging gameplay featuring deep crafting and customization mechanics for long tail fun and endless replayability. The team is composed by 4 minions, who love to create fun and responsive games set in unique and fresh fantasy worlds.

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